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Email Hosting Details

Each user has a POP/IMAP email account with a 2GB limit.  You 
can use the email account as is or forward your email to another account.

The NetSpace web mail interface is available at


Email user names are the same as your NetSpace user name except that 
usernames now include after your original NetSpace user 
name.  For example if your NetSpace user name was johndoe your new 
NetSpace user name will be  You will use this 
username to login to web mail and authentication for IMAP/POP access.

Your password is your original NetSpace username plus your 5 digit zip 
code.  For example if you NetSpace user name is joeuser and your zip 
code is 32422 your password would be joeuser32422.  Please connect to 
the web interface as soon as possible and change your password.
Note on changing your password:  Several users have had issues with the 
system accepting their default password.  As a work around copy and 
paste your password into the current password field.

IMAP Client settings:


          Standard POP3
          port = 110
          host =
          password authentication = Yes
          username =

          Standard IMAP login convention / port
          port = 143
          host =
          password authentication = Yes
          username =

          Standard SMTP login convention / port
          port = 25, 587, 1025
          host =
          password authentication = Yes
          username =


          Secure POP3 (SSL-POP)
          port = 995
          host =
          SSL = Yes
          password authentication = Yes
          username =

          Secure IMAP (IMAPS)
          port = 993
          host =
          SSL = Yes
          password authentication = Yes
          username =

         Secure SMTP (SSMTP)
          port = 465
          host =
          SSL = Yes
          password authentication = Yes
          username =

          Standard WebMail

What you need to do:

* Now:

   Connect to the web interface and change 
your password.  Click on the Preferences tab and then the Change 
Password option.  This will change your password in the new email 
system.  Your old NetSpace password will be unchanged.

   If you just use your NetSpace email address to forward to another 
account you can set that now.  In webmail click the Preferences tab and 
then Mail Preferences.  Enter the email address you want your mail 
forwarded to in the "To receive mail on your mobile device or 
alternative email address, enter it here:" field.  Your email will 
automatically be forwarded once the transition is complete.

* June 19th:
   NetSpace will transition to the new email provider.  Naming changes 
will propagate at different times so when your current NetSpace login 
fails you will know the change has occurred.  At that time you will 
need to update your IMAP/POP clients to use the new settings listed 
above. Incoming email will automatically start going to the new email 

* June 19th - July 1st

   The old NetSpace hardware will remain online under the host name  You will be able to connect using to 
retrieve any files or email remaining on the system.

  To copy your email from the old NetSpace to the new NetSpace you can 
create a new account in your IMAP client with the following settings 
and then copy the email from the old NetSpace account to the new 
NetSpace account.

    IMAP: port 143

* July 2

   The old NetSpace is disconnected from the internet and access to old 
files and email is terminated. is no longer available.

Please send any questions to