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This is a reminder message that Netspace is terminating its hosting
services shortly.  All users need to relocate their virtual hosts to
alternative ISPs, as well as register with the Netspace admins to
maintain their email service and receive any relevant
HOSTING WILL TERMINATE ON JUNE 19TH, 2010 (one month from now, and two
weeks earlier than expected).  If you do not take action before this
date, you risk a service interruption for your domain and/or email
address, and may not receive a refund you may deserve.

You are receiving this message at this address because it is your
primary or alternate contact address in the Netspace user database,
or it is listed as a list owner on a Netspace mailing list. Apologies
for any duplication.

In previous messages we had said that the end-of-service date would be
July 1, 2010. However, due to a misunderstanding with our current
hosting provider, we have recently learned that our services must be
shut down and *machines out of the colocation center* by that date.
This necessitates a hosting transition/termination date some time
before that, so we would like instead to make the changeover on June
19. On that day, we would transition the email hosting
to our new provider, terminate our virtual hosting setups, and leave
the existing servers online until July 1 at to allow
users to download their data only.  We apologize for the inconvenience
that the earlier date may cause.

Below are some further details on service termination, refunds, and
future email service. If you have already taken the steps outlined
above for your account, then you need only wait for future
instructions to access your email account at our new ISP.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or


Please be sure that you have completed this form to ensure that your email address will remain valid in the future, and to
ensure that you will receive any refund that may be due for Netspace
services that were paid for in 2010.

If you have registered with us, then an account will be configured at
our new ISP that will provide you with a 2GB IMAP mailbox for your email address. When these accounts go live on
June 19, you will be able to access the mailbox using the ISP's
webmail application or any POP/IMAP mail application. You may also
configure the address to forward somewhere else, without any admin
support required. Details will be provided to registered users as we
get closer to the transition date. We intend to maintain this email
service for the forseeable future.


As of May 10, there appeared to be approximately 60 different domains
still hosted by Netspace. If you have a domain hosted at Netspace, you
need to find alternative hosting arrangements and transition your host
before June 19. If you do not, your website will cease to function,
and your emails will bounce.  Please take action soon to ensure that
your service is not interrupted.  It would be appreciated if you could
send a note to when you do move your
site, so we can remove the site from our records.


If you have moved your list to another host and would like to download
your list archives, please send a request to An admin will be able to provide a
.zip file with your archives in short order. If you wish to close your
list early, it is possible to configure the LISTSERV send an
autoresponse to list postings for as long as the LISTSERV is alive.
All list hosting at will terminate on June 19.
There will not be an autoresponder available for mail sent to the old
LISTSERV addresses after this date.


We have created a companion domain,, which will point to
the old Netspace servers after we have transitioned to the new ISP on
June 19.  We will keep these servers online until the July 1 hard
cut-off date, so users may download any final data off the servers
before they go dark. This domain is only temporary and will not be
functional after July 1.

Brian Fisk
Netspace Foundation President